Update for 2016

I am very skeptical of the world right now.

My middle child has finally gotten a GED.  It really didn’t take much just some trips to the local Job Service place.  Diploma will be sent in the mail in a couple of weeks.

Still trying to write.  (ha ha).

Working at the same old same old.  Have several new projects though.  New website, new leadership roles, new church stuff.  Still helping the historical museum.  Still crocheting, sewing and what not.




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update for 2016

New this year

No longer a grandmother.  The child does not belong to my son.  It is too bad.  We raised that baby until she was one.  I feel bad that I am no longer part of her life.  However, it is all for the better.

I have finished working for the military museum.  It went bankrupt and the building and furnishing sold in July.  the building is now owned by a sailing group.  The volunteer coordinator at the library is no longer there and the volunteer coordinator for the hospice is also gone.  The hospice does not need any prayer shawls right now either.  Maybe it is time to move on from both.

As part of the Novel Writing Month I finally finished the Jill and Lyle story.  It still needs a lot of work and if I would take time to work on it it might be a better story.

Trying my hand at some different things: Graphics, Computer 101, and a few others.  Not all of them interesting, some have deadlines so it is a little hard.

Also working a second job.  Hours at the retail were cut and I have cut my own hours.  Just can’t do it anymore.  Need to find something different…..maybe.





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Update 2014

Been working retail for almost a year. Started as seasonal in November and then was given “part-time” status.  Thought I wasn’t going to be kept on, but they kept almost everyone that they hired.  One person has been with company for 15 years.  Good for her!    Days are when I love my job, hate my job.  Days when I drag my butt to work and tell myself “i can do this”  and then I do.  Hopefully, I can stay there.

Also been working several volunteer jobs.  One is on hold right now while they get their finances in shape.  Another is waiting on me to get caught up on projects and another… well not sure how that one will go since I am still working.  Then I have birthdays and Christmas coming up.  My youngest will be 21 in October.  My oldest is 27, my step kids are now in their 30’s.  Nieces and nephews are getting married and graduating community college.  They are also in their 20’s.  My granddaughter is almost 5, step granddaughters are older except for the one born in April.

I have cousins in their 40’s.  It is kinda weird to talk about kids that i saw growing up.  One woman from my hometown church said her daughter is 47.  I remember the daughter when she was about 5.

So I have work, volunteering and my own things.  Guess which I don’t get to do too much of??? My own things.  I am attempting to think about NaNoWriMo again this year, but not sure how it will work out.  Was also going to try to see how many words I could write about nothing, but it doesn’t look that I can even get to 1000.

Healthwise, broke wrist last Feb. and couldn’t use right hand.  Now finally not as stiff and sore, although must have hit something on both hands because they are both black and blue. Other health issues, but no flu, bad colds or any other virus that would keep me out of commission for more than a couple of hours.  Figured out allergies.  Some are getting worse, some better. Weight is more than I would like, but trying not to gain too much more.  Would rather try to lose, but enjoy eating and not exercising more.

Finally “passed” Genetics and Evolution (2 tries).  Would like to try more, but just don’t have the time.  Have too many other things to fit in a day where I work at least 5 hours.  (it also means 1 hour prep time and 1/2 hour after just for driving and getting ready).  Still doing some teaching.

Everyone talks about the weather.  In Wisconsin, we had our coldest day ever in September.  A lovely 57 degrees, at least we are not getting the snow that is hitting Montana, South Dakota and Wyoming.  We not getting the rain that Iowa, Indiana and Illinois are getting.

I can’t even write 500 words in one sitting about nothing.  At least my spelling isn’t too atrocious.

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Virtual Learning-October 2013

I am currently taking a class in virtual learning.  Why?  I wanted to see what someone might have to say about it.

I found out that I am not really learning anything new.  This is because of the Master’s program at Full Sail where I learned all about virtual learning.

I have discovered that there are people out there who do not know what a management system is, a virtual learning environment or the difference between asynchronous or synchronous learning is.  (I did miss that question on the quiz-only because i got the two confused).

When the instructor mentioned LMS, I snickered, because she failed to mention Schoology and Canvas, two of the LMS systems that we used in our class with Dr. McBride.  She also mentioned “GoToMeeting” which we have used, but she didn’t mention Wimba, which we formerly used.

There are teachers who have never used Wordle, GoAnimate, or any of the other Web 2.0 applications that we learned about at Full Sail.

i am rethinking my time management and whether or not this is actually a “waste” of my time because I am not really learning anything new.  It is a short course and may lead to other courses…. I don’t know.

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April 2013

Still looking.  But at least spring has come to the area.  

Would be interested in teaching courses in integrating technology.  I have spent several years researching this area and wrote several papers.  (unpublished) on ideas for integrating technology into the classroom.

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Still trying to find a job.  Tried several libraries, but still nothing.  Working on getting something adjunct. 

New things to learn??? Not really sure.  Working on keeping up blogs, for one.

Will have to work on several more things at least. 


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January 2013

Things to do this year.

Find job that is more than what I had.

Work on more projects, in case I don’t find that job that I want/need.

Revise, rewrite and revise whatever I can in order to make sense of what I already have.

Finish my Coursera classes. Already taking Genetics, will be taking more.

Be good to my kids.

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Now it’s December

More opportunities abound!  coursera is coming up with new classes.

I actually finished my 50,000 words,

I can continue to work on crochet and other projects.

Happy Holidays to everyone.

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What’s next

Recently, I audited Emerging Technologies in a Collaborative Culture, Gaming Strategies and Motivation, Media Literacy and Resources, and Learning Management Systems and Organization.  (I think that is the correct names).  I have also finished two Coursera classes: Gamification and Writing in the Sciences.  Besides all of that, I am currently writing 50,000 words for  National Novel Writing Month.  Whew!

I can turn my attention elsewhere.  Things that I can do:

Work on an actual ‘gaming pitch’ for Dr. Dan

Work on a RILS project for Rena

Work on another paper on professional development for teachers…

Continue working on my Canvas and Schoology units

Continue looking for a job where I can use my degree.  I also have Learnist boards that I want to work on.  Some of this stuff I hope to be able to use in a job.

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Learning Management Systems

I am using Canvas for my LMOS class audit.  I have found that it is a little more difficult to work with than Schoology.  I did enjoy Schoology and posted a unit from one of my UBD units when I was working.  I am not sure that I ever finished it, though either on paper with the UBD or on Schoology.  I do have various things from my VDA unit on my Canvas page.  

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